I Am and the consequences


It was a long weekend. On Saturday we fed 78 people over two meals, all of it filmed.
We had a wonderful time, and everyone was so great, really making the most wonderful effort to be sparkly, to join in and really support the filming. I felt very grateful at the end.

I have to confess that the result of how huge it is to make a cooking DVD means that I may well not launch into another one for a long while. There have been murmurings about other food ideas, and I now know what it takes and it is a lot.

On another note, the I Am meditation is fabulous, really wild. It is making all manner of edifices crumble. I seem to be able to see things as they are, including myself, and it is an interesting experience. So I suggest 11 minutes a day of focussed I AM, refusing to be distracted.

The house is returning to the usual scruffy but rather bohemian mess and I am taking to having days off in the week as I seem to be working every weekend. We went up to the West End today and did lots of things we never usually get time to do. It was interesting to sit for a while and watch people. Dulwich is full of a certain type of person, as is Camberwell and Peckham. Soho is filled will all manner of persons, and lots more males that one usually sees around here. It was diverting and different. Now it is back to the safety of the house as the autumn storms continue to lash out.

It is odd to be cold again, but I do like winter; wrapping up, thicker clothes, more fun with how one decides to look each say. We went to the park yesterday, dressed for the wind and the rain, and were so soundly lashed that we had to call home for help half way round the circuit. We were totally soaked. All up our legs to the hips, down our fronts, hair, shoulders, pockets filled with water. It was horrible. For a while it was fun, but sideways rain and grumpy 4 year olds is not a great combination.