It was a good week


The shop was a success. Lots of work setting up and we are still in the throes of dismantling it, but it worked. We met great people, sold lots of clothes and have found a good way forward. It is such a relief, I slept really deeply last night.

I was interested to see who came from all those that I knew in the locale. And who came out of my friends. The private view was a disaster, but I did get over it pretty quickly, yet it was still an interesting thing. Someone recently, I remember, it was a friend at the Yoga Festival, said to watch who was loyal in friendship. It has stuck in my mind like a drawing pin. Who is loyal. Noticing this has been so interesting. But also mirroring it. Who am I loyal to? Intention is not always everything, although I frequently say it is.

Laura had a photographic show, a joint one, with all the students at her year in college. It was in a great gallery that has just opened in Peckham. The work was really good, and it inspired me to want to go further and do the course. Or did it really? I cannot tell. I have been thinking about it since last night. Laura warned me that I would fight with him and could teach him a lot. So maybe I just want to go and impress him. Am I really so shallow?

I am girding my loins for India. Oh boy, I know what is coming. I did it this time last year.