Not so early


Something has happened. An inexorable desire for sleep. I woke at 6am this morning and feel as though I have wasted most of the day.

I did start at 4 the day before and went to bed in a state of exhaustion with all the heat, so I suppose it is not too awful. It is just that with the yoga, the meditation and the VAT something has to go.

We are besiged by the sun at the moment. That and the football. The entire world is sunbathing and drinking large amounts of beer. I shut the shop early yesterday becasue the streets were deserted, the pubs were full and I was far too hot. That awful sheen of perspiration that covers the face and neck and feels extremely menopausal. I really do not enjoy it. And I am about to go to India and experience it by the bucket load, literally.

I have gained so much confidence in all the business from this week in Dulwich. Especially the clothes. They are doing so well it is great. My list of reasons to go to India has grown hugely and the timing could not be more perfect, given that clothes take months. The only dilemma is that I have nothing left for the European Yoga Festival apart from yoga clothes which do not sell well there! Ironically. I lay in the heat of the bedroom last night trying to gather my thoughts and decide what I could get made up and back in the UK one week after my return from India. I could not come up with much. So then I wonder if it is worth taking the shop to the festival. It would be so relaxing not to do so……..