Family Fun


This is where one hits a block with weblog. I cannot write about this. I had started, but am silenced by consequences. Some of which are lingering from the first time I ever mentioned this area, and the last.

So I will swiftly change the subject to the weather. It is relevant. I am in Sussex, taking pictures of the new collection for the website. I prayed for a cloudy day; a photographers dream. It started that way and did not bode well. Taking pictures in the sun is not at all what I wanted. The clouds lifted just as I was ready to start and I discovered I had left my camera in London! Brilliant.

Interestingly I was cool, calm and collected. Found it’s where abouts; on the mat as you leave the shop, ordered a cab and relaxed for the next hour. The moment it was handed over by the cab driver the clouds returned and the day has been spent in a state of photographic bliss.

I forget how much I enjoy the act of taking pictures. It is such a pleasure, so stimulating and the results are pleasing. I had lots of help in the form of my kids and neices and now all that is left is for me to model what I did not manage to shoot on my slim sister today.

Arghhh! I hate seeing myself on camera, but this is how it is this time. Rather than show all the clothes on a 19 year old I am using age, the fuller figure and reality. We shall see.