Shutters and stress


Lessons in how to be fabulous and calm all the time, number….? Oppps! I have lost count.
I am discovering that I can get very stressed about shutters. It surprises me. It is not what I thought would trip me up, but it is endless dramas and indescision and mind changes and problems. I will not go into it now, I promise, but wow, what a murky place it is. I am wondering if I would be calmer being held up in a bank or robbed at gunpoint. Funny how the mind works. I have to stop at times and take long deep breaths and MAKE myself calm. It works, but remembering it is possible is a huge step in the battle. Possible to be calm, I mean, not that shuttering is possible.
I know that it will happen. We will open, there will be shutters. When is the question out there, eluding all grasping and attempts at capture.

Otherwise the very delightful Raymond turned up to fit the alarm today. Charm, personified. As was the delightful man from “grants” at the council. What a mind! Lots of 4’s, I bet. It was a long conversation. Again, I will not go into it. But frustration rules. Luckily we have been doing a properity meditation for a few days so I feel I am building some back-up.