Eyes and the ego


I have an eye infection. It has been going on and off for several days now. I caaught it from my daughter who cleared it in 36 hours, but with me it is around for longer.
It is interesting what it brings up. The vanity, the irritability, the fear and the longing that it will pass. It is also bringing very strange dreams of things never seen, and of people long forgotten. Strangely disturbing nights where I have no control over myself or my surroundings. I must confess to not enjoying myself. And I am at a loss as to what to do about the discomfort and have now reached the point of considering allopathic medecine. I am shocked, but there it is. Homeopathy is not yet turning the corner, and I am filming in a few days.

I am trying to see if it is linked with the filming. If I fear something that I have not named or thought about, beyond making a bad DVD. So this morning I will write the principles behind making the project and bring it into line with Devotion and all that the word means to me in terms of Sacred Food. This is the one area that I have not nailed to the floor. I think about it and have all the thoughts floating iin my head but have not emptied them onto the page.
I am also in the middle of a long article on child abuse, but have not finished it yet. Perhaps it is old stuff there. So I must sit and write. Clear all the thoughts and I may find my eye clears, too.