Everybody needs a Baddie


I enter the realms of things one should not say on the weblog far too easily. The politics of China and the Dalai Lama are one of these places.
They rank along with Princess Diana, Catholicism and Mother Theresa.

Suddenly George Bush is no longer the baddie, it is now China. I cannot express my thoughts here and will not, but please refrain from sending me emails asking me to Free Tibet because I do not think I have either the time or the ability.

Controvertial Stuff, in capitals, I know, and like all the other topics mentioned above, sure to raise fury and hackles all over the place, but my mind is elsewhere. Added to that, I do not think the Olympics should be about politics. If anyone thought about it at all, why the hell vote for China in the first place? Seems insane to me, but if you are either open minded enough or stupid enough to have said yes in the first place, pulling out at the last minute is not really too kind. What with Stephen Speilburg and now His Holiness…

On a lighter note, my daughter’s best friend is a Labrador puppy called Tigger. Sweet and pretty full-on. I did know what was coming, I did, but I did not think that the Puli would want to eat the puppy. That part is stressful, but I am sure it will pass once she emerges from swallowable size. Until then we are all on high alert.

And in my highly techno bunnie form i have just learned how to make the newsletter myself. If you would like to be added to the list because you long to see how I did and also want Devotion updates, then do email me. I feel empowered by my ability to make a newsletter. Little things do make a difference.