European Yoga Festival 2017


Sat. July 29 – Sun. August 6, 2017
About 2000 people from Europe (and some from Africa, Asia, America, etc.) come together in a natural environment to practice 8 days of Kundalini Yoga and other activities related to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, including 3 days of White Tantric Yoga®. They enjoy a special diet, many inspiring workshops by international teachers, and lots of song, dance and fun.

Each year the European Yoga Festival highlights a specific aspect of yoga, but it also provides special attention to newcomers who have little or no experience of yoga practice.

Fun and challenge
The Yoga Festival is a lot of fun, but also presents a challenge. The optimum purifying and transforming effects will happen if you allow yourself to remain on the diet and stay in the energy of the site for the whole eight days.

The theme of 2017: “The Cosmos Will Clear The Path”
During the Yoga Festival of 2017 we will focus on one of the five sutras of the Aquarian Age as given by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Yoga:
“Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.“

All of the Universe is a vibration of energy. We are either vibrating in harmony or disharmony with the Universe. We vibrate frequency through our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings. What we put out to the Universe we receive back, much like a boom-a-rang.
When life seems to be continually placing blocks along your path and nothing seems to be moving, it may be showing that you are not vibrating in harmony with the Universe. To vibrate with the Universe is to vibrate the higher frequencies of love, compassion, and kindness.

More wisdom of Yogi Bhajan:
“Travel light, 
live light, 
spread the light, 
be the light.”

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