Bald men and half term


The conversation turned again, without any instigation by me, towards the subject of men with shaved heads. Much dismay from the female side, I need to say. And it has led me to look at how much hair is involved in the New Reformation that we are all being drawn into.
Buddhists shave their heads. Why, I am unsure, but Hindus do, too. They leave a little tuft, at the back. Some say for being pulled up to Nirvana, others disagree but cannot say why.
Sikhs grow their hair as long as possible, beards and all. Glorious, flowing manes that are then tied away and covered in Turbans. A sign of strength and an aid to meditation.
Muslims shave their heads and the moustache. Why the moustach? I have never had this explained. Jains cover their mouths. Mostly women have to cover their heads and bow them low.
Catholics wear a cross. Anarchists and anti nuclear have their thing, vegans seem to need it tattoed on themselves. We are being increasingly identified by our beliefs. Increasingly there is a securalisation through our identity as well as through our beliefs. So each branch has the perfect way and everyone else will rot in hell with no help at all from those who “are on the right path”. It is all so charming and Middle Ages. The press do the pillorying and the Muslim extremists then kill off innocents to prove that their God is the right one. Such fun and really too wierd. I feel as though we are sliding back in time to the Reformation. To the mid 15th century. There will be public hangings and burnings soon, along side the suicide bombers heading off to their promised virgins, all lined up waiting to be deflowered in the name of a Glorious Eternity. Do they get asked if they want this, the virgins?
I can see a fatwa coming. I will stop.
But coming back to the general daily fashion for men to be shaved, I feel that we need a change. Who are they identifying with? It seems it may be a lingering tail off from the 80’s Gay Scene when men needed to be seen to be healthy in the ravages of the HIV crisis. They grew moustaches and big muscles and shaved their hair. Perhaps in the delightfully equal age that we now inhabit, (irony, please do note), there is a need to be supremely butch and as long as there is no moustache you are very straight…….. I have not yet explained it to myself and I need to. I was at the GMeX on sunday last week, dismantling a show and 50 out of 55 males there were shaved. All the security staff were shaved. Most of the male visitors. It is too wierd.
Half term, by contrast, has been excellent. I have almost not worked at all, just played and relaxed and dreamed very intense dreams. School does not start til tuesday, but tomorrow I head off into the melee of chartered surveyors and finding a shop or two.