Day One


It was good. Surprisingly so. Charming people, including the gift of a plant with a lovely flower from Ali at the corner cafe. It all feels good and positive and absolutely the right way forward. My accountant was kind on the phone, too, so I must be heading in the right direction. My last conversation with him left me in a state of terror for weeks!

The shop looks wonderful, but interestingly no one looked at anything except clothes. I was surprised, and know that I need to arrange things so that attention is drawn elsewhere. The wonderful learning curve of becoming a retailer Isadora stayed with me again, all day. For a 4.5 year old she is pretty good at selling, and very easy company. Her choice to stay with me. I asked her if she was enjoying it and she was quite sure that she was. My attempts at getting her enthusiastic about being with kids her own age are not gaining much ground at the moment. We shall see.

Home is quite calm. The office is now at the shop and it makes a big difference to the whole energy here. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself here. partly because the office is such total chaos. The thought of creating orderis too much for me right now. I must confess that5 the office at the shop is in a similar state of disorder, but I know we can make sense of it. Ha!