Raw Diets and things


All these months later, it has been 5 months, I find that I do not feel great. I have lost weight, and on that emotional level I feel good about myself, but on a daily energy reading I feel horrid.

It is challenging to decide where to go from here, and who to talk to. If one talks to a raw foodie there is nothing but raw. If one talks to a human, there are many other options and raw is silly. Interesting, caught between a carrot salad and a puree.

I know I get very lacking in protein. I have never been a great lover of the stuff, and since having to stop all soya product (for which I feel miles better, including skin and mood,) I find that I am a little lost as to how to take protein. Nuts, I can eat two or three, but no more. Cheese, yes, I love it but it makes my ears go funny.

Gosh what a catalogue of curiosities and complaints! It makes for quite a read. But it is a dilemma. I love how I feel without wheat and sugar craving and with having lost weight, but I feel awful too. A strange combination.

I have just been tested with Kinesiology and I lack protein….. Is it so simple? I have been there before, and took whey powder, and felt much better. I will try it and see. That and the cheese in the South of France during the summer and it will all be good again.

5 months of raw food has seriously made me question how we will go into the autumn with it. I cannot see us getting through winter on raw food, even with ginger and chilli added. I already go through a kilo of ginger a week and at least 20 large chillies plus chilli oil. Any tips or suggestions welcomed. Apart from the bleeding obvious one of eat normally. Where is the fun and learning in that? Me back on wheat would be disaster. Like a ship meeting an iceberg in the dark…. Unstoppable.