The High Speed Version


I am feeling as though my life is moving at a very high speed at the moment. It is OK, I am adjusting to it, but I am not yet sure that I am enjoying the experience. It all feels so full of huge lessons at the moment, that I am really struggling to accept the hear and now. I constantly want to be having a different experience. And that is something I am really trying to grow out of.
I put the Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, in the bathroom in the hope that it would encourage me to ground myself into the now, but someone has taken it! Charming. Previously the dog had chewed it. Obviously I need to learn these things without outside assistance.
I recognised an aspect of myself recently, that I do not like; It is the inability to bear suffering alone. I do like an audience when I suffer. I always seem to need to reach out and be heard when in pain. Here I write weblog, but I am not currently suffering and fears, dreams and hopes are not admissible as weblog dialogue. I have noticed this before.

On another note, I was at a show in Essex this weekend. It is another world.
Tomorrow is the set up for the Vitality Show. Again, another world. And here I sit, in the shop, another one.

It is quiet here. The road has been erased by the council and a large rut taken it’s place. It looks and sounds awful and its a major deterrent to passers by. At least I hope that is the problem! Only time will tell.