A day off


It is interesting to have a day off. It has been a while since I lay in the hammock and did nothing. So long, in fact, that it is deeply challenging! Awful to admit, but the truth. Louis wants a dart board, so I have side lined myself onto Ebay and found one, then Amazon for a few films…..

Now I am behaving a writing weblog, but it is interesting the resistance to stillness.

I had a visit from an Indian textile merchant. He dragged really heavy suitcases all the way form Wembly to show me his wares. I have to confess to not buying much. It was old and dirty, which apparently means it is antique and the mouse eaten pieces are apparently even older. Yes, really. I chose my pile and then waved all the rupees that I had, at him. It worked fantastic. He say yes and went away happy.

My next task is to see if I can get through making cupcakes with the children and not eat any myself….. The challenges of being at home. The reverse was that it really felt so good to be back in the shop again yesterday and on Tuesday. My head feels clearer and I can see that I would prefer to build up my presence there than to go sideways into another venture. A good thing to know.