Reality Dysmorphia


There is body dysmorphia. When you have a completely distorted view of your body. Charming and somewhat depressing experience for those whose ideas do not match their reality, but there is now Reality Dysmorphia. I think it must be a new description for the total lack of acceptance that most of us are experiencing at the moment.

How about the religious fervour now sweeping our modern, sophisticated world. The teacher in Sudan. Who are her friends? Did no one warn her? Did she never watch the news? Mouth open time, again. Reality Dysmorphia flooding through that experience.

I was discussing the Sudan thing with my son at the point when she faced a year in jail, a huge fine or 40 lashes. He asked what I would do. The lashes, I replied. He was horrified. (Interesting when one horrifies one’s son, I noticed). Why? Because I would not owe anything to anyone and it would be over in one go. He was silent and thoughtful for the rest of the journey.

Treatment for Reality Dysmorphia. (On the BBC website the treatment for body dysmorphia is anti depressants and other forms of medication. Interesting approach. Just get blasted and it will all be OK).
Heartily backed by the Government, treatments for Reality Dysmorphia, with their backing and blessing, would include smoking, drinking, and shopping.

There are other ways to deal with this and it would seem that taking personal responsibility for your thoughts, words and feelings is a great step forward.

Continuing on the path towards acceptance I can see that if one really does connect inside there is no abasement to an external system that could rescue me or us, there is no external idea of forgiveness or rescuing. I, we, become totally responsible for the full expansion of oneself into I AM. I take on my soul and manifest it. Then everything comes from that place. There is no one else who can “make it better”, tell me how it should be with me, or suppress the exquisiteness of that opening. I , we,become the 1000 petaled Lotus in full bloom.

Ha! Not a very Christian place to come to, but more wholesome, I feel.

I want to do a google fight to see who would win; who has been responsible for more murder, destruction, death and devastation? The Christians or the Muslims? Maybe there are numbers out there somewhere…

And in the meantime let’s keep on letting our reality be totally controlled by them both.
Such fun.