The Secret


We started watching the Secret last night. The DVD with all information that will change my life forever. The thing kept sticking. I confess to giving up after 30 or so sticks, but it was interesting. I have thought about my thoughts a lot, since. It does make everything up to each one of us which profoundly goes against the current state of play in the world. It will be interesting to see if it get universally adopted and all litigation of blame is stopped because the Secret says it is your fault……. You made it happen by thinking it so. I will keep an eye out. Not only on my own thoughts, but on the global thoughts, although it could all be my fault qat this point. I could be held responsible for all the world’s ills because of my own personal attitiude towards the world. Gosh. That is a trifle heavy, but no less than the writings of the Advaita Vedanta, that says it all exists because I am here to witness it. My thoughts have made it so.
What is interesting, and not to diminisht the film in any way, is how I know this stuff, lots of us do, but why don’t we do it? Will we now do it because it was on TV? Is that what will give us the impetus to take it to heart? The fact that it was on our screens? I think I would say yes.

TV has become the new altar. It doesn’t matter what is said any more, it is just the fact that someone is up there that makes all the difference. Utube rules because suddenly TV is in the hands of the masses. It is no longer TV catering to the masses, it is TV made by the masses. The masses have suddenly gained control over content and it does not appear to be on a parr with the assumtions that the BBC make about what we want to watch.

I wonder where it will all end up? But there is no end up. Only an endless spiral of always needing things to be changed.