My life is awhirl


A whirl of unanswered questions, mostly posed by me and not answered by a Divine Entity who will tell me that I am doing really well and it will all be perfect.
I am having, choosing to, move into a whole new level of taking responsability for myself and all that I want to achieve. Scary, huge and great fun. I am looking forward enormously to is all going swimmingly and having a fabulously successful shop, filled with people buying endless things that I can effortlessly replace.

I think it is important to stay positive and enthusiastic about the whole thing but have an undercurrent of white fear that keeps me on my toes all the time…

I have another new project. I am unclear as to how I will get there. I need someone to do a load of design work, get it printed in India and voila! There it is. Life is so simple, in my head, but reality can really get in the way. The head, the wonderful head that gets so profoundly in the way. I have had so many moments in my life when the answer to life has been so clear and so simple that all I wanted was to tattoo “the answer” on my hand so I could remember that it was the solution to all my issues. of course by now I would have to be reading from my armpit with all manner of phrases crossed out going up my arms. Instead of a list of lovers it would be a crossed out list of “phrases that came with epiphanies. Sweet thoughts.