Another life


I lay in the hammock last night. It was quite cold and windy so Baptiste put an Indian Shepherd’s blanket over me. I curled up underneath it and started to relax.

My mind wandered and I nearly fell asleep, but I became attached to a line of thought: We bought the blanket in Gujarat, from a tribe of nomads who wander for 9 months of the year with huge flocks of sheep and camels, taking their whole family with them. I lay under the blanket and imagined, with all the effort I could, that I was back, sleeping in the desert with the Nomads and 5000 sheep. It was a long night and I was scared because I knew that Dacoits, (bandits) had attacked the group the night before and that they would happily kill for the sheep. I lay under blanket and imagined that the voices I could hear were the shepherds who had called to one another all night to make sure that they were all alive and well.

I started to wonder if I thought and felt it hard enough, could I change my reality for another life. Could I uncover myself and find that I am in India, in the desert of Gujarat, part of a herd of Nomads, wandering the countryside.

I don’t think it is impossible, because I believe we attach ourselves to a timeline as our brains cannot cope with how huge Life, the Universe and Everything is. We stick to one line of experience and that the rest, the Big Bang, Dinosaurs, The End of the World, is all going on at the same time but we can only cope with a tiny part of it.

I remember once, seeing it all open up once, when I was 17, on Hadrian’s Wall. I used to do a lot of astral travelling as an adolescent and stood and watched the Universe open up in front of me. The ghosts of Roman soldiers, huge dinosaurs, the beginning of the world. All of it was there for a moment. Wild. It still astounds me to remember.

Obviously I am here, still engaged in this line of attachment, ut the wheels of Karma are turning, confusing me and continuing to cause chaos.