Digital Yoga Online: The Addictive Nature March 2018


The Addictive Nature – 12th 19th 26th of March and 2nd April 2018 11am-12.30am. An online, 4 week Addictive Nature kundalini yoga class with Carolyn Cowan

Do you experience yourself as having an Addictive Nature? There are so many tools we can use to change how we feel when we are anxious, unhappy, stressed, lonely, in need of “fixing”, needing to change how we feel, and many of these tools are Addictive and self harming.
Join me in this 4 week series of Kundalini yoga classes specifically designed to help you discover an empowered range of tools to change how you feel, to help you regulate the emotional self and to learn how to manage your internal “dopamine scavenger”!
No previous experience needed. Not suitable for pregnant women.
£40 for the 4 classes, joined using the Zoom technology, payment made through Paypal

You will also have access to revise the class at your leisure after the live stream.