Last few things


I am off to meet the Indian Dentist. I am not a good dentistee. I still react as a child to the experience of sitting with someone elses hands inserted far into my mouth whilst using drills and bursts of freezing cold water and air. It is odd, the things we are expected to get used to.
I was watching a DVD of Yogi Bhajan teaching yesterday, and he was talking about how our magnetic field was designed for us to move at 4 miles per hour, and we now move around at faster and faster speeds and that it is not surprising we loose our sense of who we are. It made an interesting kind of sense.
I move through the streets of Jaipur on foot, by rickshaw, in a tuk tuk and in a car and look at the stall holders and shop keepers, the women repairing shoes and the Sikh men selling tyres. They sit all day, every week, every month, every year, all of their lives, in the same place, held in place by an indisputable belief in Karma. That if you do this life well, you get a better one next time.
45% of the population have no running water. They wash at stand pipe in the street. A lot of the untouchables, the lowest caste here, who clean up rubbish and keep India functioning, are converting to Bhuddism and Christianity to get out of the place where they are reviled and literally untouched. From there they can take up professions, education and jobs. How will the rubbish get cleared. Who will there be to feel superior over? Interesting changes coming.
I remember when I first came to India, 15 years ago, there was no satellite, there were not millions of zippy little cars everywhere, the clothes were not all polyester. Progress is a wonderful thing when you perceive that you have nothing.
I am pestered by a friend here to buy him a digital camera in London, but it has to have 10 MILLION PIXELS!!!! SO exciting, like having a huge willy. Photography, especially digital photography has to be one of the new great lies. He will then need a computer, photoshop or similar, a printer, special photographic paper, really expensive inks….. Or to take the card to some really bad print shop, pay a fortune and get appallingly bad images back to pile in a drawer somewhere, but at least his sucess will be measured by this tiny, but HUGE!!! camera that a friend brought from London.
I don’t mean to sound judgemental, it may come across as if I am, I am just sad that it is impossible to remove the veils of illusion. They have to suffocate you before you can throw them off. Anyway, who am I to say that the polyester is not marvellous? It does not need ironing, colours do not fade, the new computer will mean he can experience junk mail in all it’s glory…. It’s amazing what we accept and get used to.