days later


A few days later I am a little browner, the children have relaxed and I have major issues with spirits in the house.

It happens every year, and every year it gets worse and worse.
There is no one here to discuss these things with so I get moments that are quite challenging, especially in the middle of the night, but having dealt with a spirit that hits in India I feel better able to cope with this one.

Actually there is more than one, but there is a main one who is grumpy and a few less noisy followers. They tramp through the house each night and I must say that I do not like it.

Otherwise all is well. The weather is not fab, but it is great, too, because it means that no one gets burnt.
We have all recovered from the festival, feet are finally clean, bites no longer itch and the diet is a little healthier. I am starting to work on the summer clothes and that is fun.

I am off to look for sage to burn in the house. Apparently this is something the spirits move away from. I have not yet ascertained where they go, exactly, but it clears spaces. So I will be creeping around with a bowl of sage later.