Into the bliss


I am still adjusting to the huge changes that have come with the shop. I like being a shop keeper. I feel as though one is not meant to say that, that there is something NQOC about it, but it is true. It is fun. Interesting, busy, lots of people, crazy staff issues, but there is something to the order and stillness of it that is soothing. It is quite wild because sometimes I go into the shop and stop and think “how did I get here?”

I keep meaning to buy the song. Not because I think it will make anything make any more sense, but because it really is how I feel at times. Rather amazed, standing there with my mouth slightly open, blinking in the bright light of it all.

Truthfully, I get a lot done. Lunch is minor, which is a major change, and I can sit and work upstairs, meaning that a lot happens and there is almost no backlog now. When I worked from home and had to fit some many different things into the day, life was stressful and too busy.

The minor lunch is a major change. Being away from the routine of home is meaning that I can totally change how I eat. I am working my way towards being totally raw for a while. It is an interesting experience. I had a totally raw few days recently and felt fabulous. I have now been trawling the internet for recipes and different things to eat. We are looking at buying a rehydrator. I am thrilled, as long as we do it during Indian mango season. I made a juice last night which used some new found skills, and included broccoli, cabbage and coconut. It was too good.

On a whim, yesterday, I emailed David Newman from his website. For those of you who have not discovered him, the chance has come. I asked if he would like to do a kirtan in our house. The answer was a delightful Yes! So July 1st we have David Newman coming to play. He will be followed by Snatam Kaur in September.

Roaring into the Bliss.