So Darshan Chakra Kriya @ TriYoga!


So darshan chakra kriya is said to be the most powerful meditation known.Screenshot 2014-12-19 07.41.58 In the realms of kundalini yoga it has a mythical status: it is revered and feared at the same time for its effects and the power it brings to within the practitioner.

It works at the deepest level with anger, anxiety and trauma and helps to resolve old histories. Helping the practitioner to move out of repeating patterns and drama.

It really does bring about change.

The meditation will take a while to master, it is complicated and potent. In this series of workshops we will build, through posture and pranayama, the strength to work with and experience this meditation at your deepest level. Each session will be a complete instruction, with online and email support to get you started.

Over the next few months you can return to refine your experience and share the love and power this extraordinary practice brings.

Carolyn took on 1,000 days of the practice and has first-hand experience of all that it does. Immersed in the practice, Carolyn had embryonic life-changing plans and a desire to lessen her life-long anxiety. By the third month, changes were taking place in her sense of self, and her plans had come to fruition. The experience is on-going and there is not a day where she avoids the practice!