Thank goodness for….


Thank goodness for the Daily mail. Please detect a note of irony at this point.
Apparently the financial divide in life is so huge we are going to have rioting.

I guess the big wigs, literally, at the Daily Mail have got together and tried to think what to do over the summer to keep sales up, up, up. This is their brilliant idea. Trigger the idea amongst the housewives of England that their bling based life is not enough and BANG! The house wives of England venting their spleen en masse. Fab. Imagine the photography. Image the potential in the text. It defies all criticism.

Otherwise life continues in it’s deeply puzzling way. I endlessly question. Especially How DID I GET HERE? That one comes around a lot.

I do feel that I am doing the right thing, but it is no less surreal for all that. I wonder when I will get used to it. The problem is that it all changes all the time. My face, my children, the garden, the daily sales, the day light….. There is no point at which it stays the same and one gets a chance to sit back and think phew! I think I have a handle on it now.

Do I feel cheated? Did anyone actually say it would settle into a monotony? I don’t think they did, but my perception of the lives of others is that they, not all of them, please, have it sorted and I am still a child trying to get it “right”.