Culcha! Dear


We had culcha this afternoon. We went to the Tate Modern, to go on the slide. It was a 10 second wow with a 40 minute wait. it was a one-off. We then wandered aimlessly around galleries with dead crows arrowed onto the wall or a squashed iron balcony. Lovely. Hard to explain it all to the kids and my acid comments have never gone down well with those who think “modern” is great.
But the slides were wonderful, the gallery was filled tot he gills and the sun was shining. We had an afternoon of Culcha and it was free. I came out feeling exhausted by it. I think it is my natural reaction to bullshit, but I seemed to to be the only one affected so it must be a personal hysteria. I am not sure I will ever get over it nor am I sure I want to. Ever the rebel, but really, what on earth for. Picasso spending his life trying to paint like achild. And here I am trying to learn something. Which of us is wasting time? perhaps it is me. I am not up in the Tate Modern, but do I want to be? Not so far. Please give me a kick if it emerges as an ambition.

On another note, it is getting exciting, designing the shop. The ideas are starting to work together. There is an image emerging, and I am starting to get used to the idea of all the changes. We went to Lots Road Auction rooms today to have a look at the furniture. Nothing interesting for the shop, but lots of lovely lots. Nothing stayed in my mind, even two minutes after walking past it, which is always a really good sign not to buy. So we escaped without leaving any bids.