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Carolyn Cowan
2 Sanderstead Hill,
South Croydon.
London CR2 0HA

UK Mobile 07790707232

Email: info@carolyncowan.com
I am happy for you to email me if something needs to be asked or told. Just fill in the form below.

About Carolyn

I am a parent, a sister, a friend and a lover. I am a feminist. Fiercely loyal, open-minded and very funny. I am intense, can be quite tricky and in all of that have an integrity that lets you know “I have been there” I know what I am talking about. So my classes are big, my trainings are full, and you are pushed, poked and provoked into really becoming the most exquisite version of you. I am Queer, kink-friendly, love cats, hot baths, Oud, travel and watching good movies. If I could live my life over I would have chosen to be a portrait painter and a writer. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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03.02.18 – 04.02.18 at a secret location…

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