Comments have been made


My appalling spelling has been commented upon.

My apologies. I will try harder, I promise.

Otherwise, comments have been made, by many people around me, in the last few days about the speed of life at the moment. How it feels as though it is getting tighter, faster and more out of control on a daily basis.

I was doing my meditation this morning, which involves some fairly intense breath manipulation, and I just stopped. I did not want to be moving so fast through my day. I just sat and moved into connecting to the neutral mind.

It was divine and calm and changed how the course of my day has gone so far.

In the car on the way to the school this morning I was talking with one of the mothers who needed a lift. She said that she consciously chooses not to get involved in the speed of life and she stays away form all the aspects that will pull her.

I feel it is better to be in life, but as conscious as possible at all times. To really try to ground myself into each moment and experience; and if that does not happen and I am just flying through the experience, then breathe into fully reviewing what just happened where I was not present.

The Mayans predicted that life would speed up and that massive changes in Consciousness would occur more and more rapidly. At this point I think it is meant to be around every few weeks, which is certainly how it feels at the moment.