A moment without thought


I had one yesterday.

I sat in a restaurant, Pizza Express, in Dulwich with the children and the lovely Jessica. We were inside, waiting for a table outside, sitting next to two young, pissed lads who were rapidly and with great guffaws, eating their way through greasy, salami covered pizzas.

We were talking and laughing and it was all very relaxed. Out of the blue, and with absolutely no prior thought, I turned around and thumped the young man behind me really hard on the back several times. He was puce and fully veined up and dribbling onto his plate, trying desperately to breathe. As I hit him, a lump of food flew out of his mouth.
He took several deep breaths and nodded thanks to me before lurching out into the air.

I sat back completely amazed at how I had acted so intuitively. I had not even been aware of the sound of him choking. Strangely it is the second time in the last few years that I have saved someone from such a hideous death. I wonder why? But at the same time, thank God for having done First Aid Courses.

We tried to organise one through KYTA for the Yoga Teachers. Sadly there were only three people interested out of 280. The number of times I have used the skills is amazing, including giving mouth to mouth to my own daughter and to a man in Peckham who had had a heart attack.

I swing neatly from there to the sadness of a friend my age, who I grew up with. He has had a serious cocaine habit for many years. He has had a serious heart attack as the result and is still on a ventilator and in a coma 3 days later. Thank God for sobriety. And I can imagine what it must be like as a mother, to have your son in a coma. I remember Isadora on a ventilator and it was mind-bendingly awful.

I did a chair yesterday on step 11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood the word…… It is grounding stuff, connecting to the past and where we have come from. The mystery is where we are going.