Additives and responsibility


An interesting evening was spent last night. I picked up the Guardian on the way home to read about the confirmation of the effects of food additives.
(We have had experiences of Coca Cola and it was not fun. In fact it has been banned from my son’s diet since then. Isadora does not seem to be affected in the same way.)

But I digress.

I was talking about the piece with Baptiste last night and the children wanted me to read it to them. So I did. Reading that Coal Tar is the main ingredient in these additions to drinks, sweets, cakes, puddings etc was very shocking. The cavalier attitude that has allowed this to be advertised and sold for so long knowing that it is so foul is hard to explain to children.

All advertising is aimed at them on this level. The recent Coke ads being a prime example, Orangina, too. Bright, sparkley, and bubbly. How does one explain that kind of dishonesty without just sounding mean? It was a challenge last night and sad, too.

We try to bring our kids up with a sense of social responsibility, an awareness of others, caring for the environment. How does that measure up to this?

It is heavy stuff, I know, but wrong, too. Why does no one check what is coming from China? Why do the masses go to Primark and pay for goods made using slave labour? Why is all that OK and then we are all supposed to be saving the planet and switching our lights off?

And why do we have to take responsibility and stop our children eating, drinking, buying the stuff? Why is it our responsibility and not the governments?

Thoughtful stuff.