Life and Death


We had a great concert in our house last night. Snatam Kaur came and played. She has a wonderful voice and to listen to her singing is a delight. We were about 85 people in the house and garden. Great new faces, old friends, new students. A huge mix.

Amongst all of these visitors was a young woman who has only one month to live. She is dying of cancer and is on a morphine drive.

She was a radiant, exquisite, glowing soul. It was extraordinary to spend time with her. I was very affected by the experience. Combined with the mantra, the whole evening was a great gift.

I went to bed filled with gratitude and really, truly had the sense of the vibrancy of life, the electricity of all of it.

The conversations of the day before resurfaced last night; the longing for more, the desire for elevation, the knowledge that it is something inside and the desire to be able to stay there.

As I went to sleep I could feel the tenuousness of the thread that attached me to the bliss of my experience, I could feel it slipping away. I woke this morning remembering all that had happened but have been pulled, stressed, pushed and pummelled back into the realities of my daily experiences.

I truly and profoundly feel that the key now to any teaching is that we are able to stay in the bliss. Move through life, complete the tasks needed, buy a ticket, as they say, but we need to learn how to exist on a deeper level of awareness of the Divine in all moments, encounters, thoughts and expression.