Swimming in packages


We are literally swimming in packages of jackets and skirts. It is impossible to cross the floor of the sitting room. Endlessly labelling like an automaton is making me realise I should be doing that part in India, not here.
We have settled more firmly into the idea of a shop and are now looking to get organised with one by march next year. In six months. Big decision not taken lightly. Yesterday, a gloomy wednesday afternoon, was spent trawling around Balham, Clapham, and other possible areas. Northcote Road looks the most likely candidate right now. I slept really badly last night as I digested the concept and thoughts int me. We have so much beautiful stock just sitting here. We do the odd sale here and there at big shows, but the rest of the time it is just sitting, waiting for someone to fall in love with it and take it home. With a shop, that is going to happen much more easily. So finally, after much stopping and starting, I am, we are, decided.
And then my grandmother came along and reminded me that she was a shop keeper and I felt much, much better about it.
Deirdre made a spreadsheet of what sells best and it is as I thought: clothes, music, DVDs in that order. Clothes need to be touched and tried on. Sitting on a website they have no life. They need life.
So, big deep breath, I am about to phone up about a shop……

This does not mean I will not still do all the other things that I am notorious for, I will. I look forward to the challenge of fitting it all together.
Forward ho!