It was good


We had the official opening of Devotion last night and it was good.

Phew, frankly.

There were so many friends it was great fun, and all were so supportive. I really did enjoy myself, which is unusual for these things, but it was our party, we could do what we wanted and we wanted to make it fab and we did. The chai stand was great and the prana in the Pani Puri was perfect. Now we just have to keep climbing.

I find it quite extraordinay how many things have changed recently. Rows and rows of established, and known habits, thoughts, experiences and processes have all just submerged and dissappeared completely from my life. I don’t seem to have the time to look behind me and miss them. But the events and life changes that are appearing in front of me are great fun and new and making for an even bigger life than I have ever experienced before.

I am so surprised by how well the clothes are doing. I had not expected such a response and it is great. To see so many women feeling beautiful in the skirts, dresses and jackets it a great trip. I love it. I am so very grateful. It has been a huge 10 years that now feels totally worth it. Not that I think it will be easy from here, I don’t.