Another busy day in Balham


Now it is starting to become familiar, the huge life changes that are coming with my new career. Is it really a career? I am not sure what defines a career, but I feel this is perhaps not fitting into the description.

Gently, we are inhabiting the space in the street. People are looking in the windows, some coming in, including the Landlord who was thrilled, and gently the things that make us look like a shop are coming to join in the display; The painters have returned from holiday and are doing their thing, the sign writer finally is pulling his finger out and we have a sign. No lights, no writing on the windows and no awning, but we do have a sign.

I have found it really interestingly challenging to communicate a sense of urgency to the people who are involved with me. I suppose I am unreasonable and want it all done NOW. And NOW is not quick enough.
The endless learning curves of getting older, wiser, more responsible, the list is long. It starts to get rather depressing from here so I will stop.