Train journeys


I went to Scotland for a few hours

It was fabulous.
I went to meet a really interesting knitwear designer. We got on well and all is good.
But beyond the personal stuff was the trip.

I have a secret desire to live in the wilds of Scotland. I always have had, despite dire warnings about the dark and the endless cold, I still clutch at an ideal of life that is removed from the stress of London, but cannot find it in my heart to move to Devon or Cornwall.

The journey, by train because of carbon foot prints, was great. For the last couple of hours the views were achingly beautiful. Great sweeping sea-scapes, rugged hills and beautiful and evocative beaches.

I asked about swimming and was told that in the Summer you would survive 20 minutes in the sea, and in the Winter, 8 minutes. Arghhh!

Still, it has not put me off. I am made of sterner stuff, and anyway, I hate swimming in the sea. Apparently it is a past life thing. I was told that I had drowned in a boat. Makes sense of my loathing of the sea.