Interesting conversations


I have had some interesting conversations with friends and business people in the past few days. It feels as though there is a new phase coming in. Not just the shop opening, but interest in distribution, and last night a really good discussion with an ex distributor about branding. I went to bed feeling really excited and consequently had not fallen asleep by the time the children started coughing at midnight. All that was finally stopped by 4am and I finally fell into strange and troubled dreams.

I am nervous of the commitment needed now to make the winter clothes so far ahead of getting even the summer stock delivered. Sizing is an issue. I am learning that I have to be much clearer about how I state the sizes needed to the manufacturers once I am out of the country. I have a big meeting today with a woman who will go over the next collection and tell me if it works as a cohesive thing. If the colours are good etc. I know I will feel more secure after this.

I am off again on Tuesday, back to India. It is too soon. I am less thrilled about that trip than usual, but I have no choice. In trying to improve my “carbon footprint” I need to get the goods sent by sea. To do this, and allow for three months manufacturing time, I have to go now. Hey ho. I will do other things whilst there. I am trying to find a tratment centre in Jaipur to see if I can do some teaching in the spaces. Otherwise I may have to become a tourist for a few days.