Christmas Trees


I would like to staqrt a campaign to stop the buying of real christmas trees. We are all supposed to be doing our bit for the environment and the cutting of pine trees and then throwing them out on the street for lanfill after is something that truly upsets me.
My children were at a school where they raised money by selling cut trees. I would not buy one and was branded as mean. I don’t care about that, but just cannot get my head around how we can care for the planet and then have the carnage of christmas as totally acceptable. It is as insane as the government refusing to put VAT on aviation fuel. Why not? Just so Ryan ir and BA can trash the planet on everyone elses’ behalf.

All the chain stores do great trees. Re-usable, durable, realistic or gaudily thrilling coloured affairs. PLease let’s not buy real trees any more. Not for me, nothing to do with my asking, begging or pleading but for the complete and utter willfull insanity of trashing thousands, millions of healthy trees. perhaps they are keeping lots of polish in business. Much is nowadays, but I am sure there are other tasks that they could take on.

It is time to talk with our wallets. It has to be.