Cameras at breakfast


It was fine being filmed preparing and eating breakfast. There are so often cameras around that neither of the children batted an eyelid or behaved any differently than usual.

Baptiste and I, by contrast, were more aware of the energy drawn by the camera. I was more conscious of my speech, taking care not to reveal too much about myself and Baptiste was totally tongue tied by the experience. I chose not to push him as it would have to have been done on camera and would have had a totally negative effect.

I was looking forward to being filmed getting rid of Louis nits, but the tape had run out, so that rather gloriously turn of the century action will have to be saved for another time.

Otherwise we have found a rather nice shop. I am thinking about it a lot and wondering whether to go for it. It is in a good area, up and coming, lots of footfall. I will sleep on it and see what i think in the morning, when we are meeting an estate agent there.