Quiet and busy


Life is busy, the shop is quiet.
It makes for realxing days, sitting getting thoughts cleared and new ideas worked out, but can be a trifle tiresome. I love meeting new people. Everyone is different. everyone reacts differently, wants different things…… always makes for an interesting time. When there is no one it is rather sad and quiet.
I know when we are in Balham it will have the office there and life will be different, more things to do, internet, orders, other people, but in Dulwich it is the bottom of a handbag, and not much happens.

Funny how long it took me to discover Dulwich. It was not until I had children that I really got what it is about. Now I am there almost daily. I am intrigued to see what is going to happen whent he next wave of congestion charging comes in. I can only think that small streets like Lordship Lane and Northcross Road will thrive. We shall see.

I really don’t get what the delightful Mayor is doing to London. It is now hell to move around and the pleasure of travelling has dissappeared completely. But there just has to be a great reason for channelling all those deeply pressured people into narrow files of almost static traffic and then fining them for venturing onto the miles of naked, empty, silent bus lanes, unless of course you are in Camberwell where all buses go to die. Camberwell is the equivalent of an elephant graveyard. All buses, bus lanes, roadworks, traffic lights and total hideousness.

I have stopped. I am calm. I only have to drive to Dulwich today which needs a two mile detour because they have closed the main road through and everyone has to negotiate a single track through the wilds of Bellenden to get the other side. Such fun.

I do so look forward to going away……

And what am I going to? India. Total insanity. But it is easier because there is chaos, and it is so much more user friendly.