Nearly There


The photography course is finished and now I am moments, well, hours away from the plaane to inida.
I have not really had time to think about it properly, but I noticed, yesterday, that I was nervous about it.
I have not had the time to get into the terror that sometimes comes, thank god, and hopefully tday, with all the preparations, it will not rise up and make me irritable and scared.
Amanda is so excited, so I ma hoping that will stop me.

I am thrilled to know that I can now tell the difference between intuition and PTSD. it does make life easier.

The great fun and games has begun with the computer not wanting to pick up emails, on a saturday. just before I go away. The the delights of technology never cease to thrill and amaze me. Truthfully i get really pissed off, but as I am being positive, I will be discrete.

I am concerned about staying vegan in India. It is not out of obsession, really not, but because I feel staggeringly better since not having dairy. I am really quite amazed. All the rash of spots that Ihat on my cheek have gone, I am far, far less stressed and I sleep much better. On top of that, or rather less than that, is all the weight I have lost. I know it is only for a week, and I can go back to being vegan when I return home,
but I am also quite alcoholic about these things. When I slip, I really tumble down the slope and getting back up it again can be extremely challenging. Although I am being vegan for reasons other than addiction, in the main.

Butter. That is the prolem.

The tiresome aspects of being human.