Lost for words.


Unusual, but true. The truth is that I want to rant, but it is not my favourite past-time.
I will, because it is making the tip of my tongue itch.

Two things:
Why can Tesco open a store in a 100 yard stretch between Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Local? It was already insane when the Local opened, but now there are three of them. I know I should not care, but I do. The definition of insanity is to repeat an action expecting a different result. Why do we, the general public, not care? How do we keep on supporting the insanity to the point where all small retail is dammed and it is just a corporate world trashing the planet and destroying small businesses?

The next issue is the planet, again. I have discovered something really distressing, that for some reason I did not know before. Businesses do not have to recycle. Not only do they not have to, but there are no facilities for it should we desire to. I am appalled, and also heartily sick of the blame endlessly being laid against us as individuals. There is a hideous advert with a woman carrying two children through flood waters. The tag line is
“Be a love, switch off your computer.”
What the hell difference will that make?

It is the double blind of the magician. If the government and the papers keep laying the blame fair and square against us as individuals we will not ask what they are actually doing. And the truth is we do not. We send stupid tag lines on emails asking Do you need to print this? We carefully put plastic bottles in different bins, but it is not enough. It is nothing. We are just stroking our guilt because we are incapable of acting as a collective mass and saying NO!

But also we are not responsible on a personal level for what is happening to us as a race, we have been succoured for far too long by advertising all based on the imbalance of the second chakra; that we are not enough and endlessly need more, newer, shinier, slimmer, bigger, richer, more fat filled, more sexual…..

How can we open our eyes as a mass and see what is happening? What is it going to take?

Do you remember after 9/11? Both Blair and Bush said something monumental: They exhorted us to be good citizens and carry on shopping.

No one noticed, but like blind automatons we did. And we do. It is all about shopping. And here I sit in my shop, willing it to go well.

Such fun.