Breathing Slowly


As the Banks, the Markets and the press all spiral madly around each other there is little any of us can do but watch and feel.

The overwhelming feeling for a lot of us is fear. There is not anyone I have yet met who is finding any of this exciting and fun.

The fear is mainly generated by the collapse of all that we have based our society upon over the years; the banking system, mortgages, credit cards, money upon demand. And as this whole thing unravels itself we are all left on very uncertain ground. All kinds of fears are given free reign by our minds as well the press. There is nothing known and certain.

The history behind all of this, from an altered perspective, but one that gives a lot of view, is that we are at the end of the Piscean Age. A major part of this time cycle, about 2000 years, was characterised by hierarchical systems like Parliament, money, the Law, Religion etc. As we move more completely into the Age of Aquarius all of these system, where knowledge is power, break down and the transfer is that the power becomes the strength of our individual consciousness. The Internet started the process of it all breaking down with any information becoming free and accessible to all. Parliament has been falling open for a while. The Banking System is crumbling now, the Church has been struggling for a few years. It is easy to look around and see it happening everywhere.

This could be said to be an anarchists dream, but of course, as it gets more dramatic the squeeze gets tighter and we fear all that we know falling apart. We feel on unstable ground and all that we thought was our due and our right is now whipped away. Over time, days for some, this will settle into an acceptance of the changes but there is more to come. It is not over yet. We will be truly in the Aquarian Age in 2012.

What can you do? There is so much that can help right now. The list is long, but it all means taking responsibility for yourself which our society has discouraged. We are profoundly led towards numbness and ant-like behaviours through phones, ipods, alcohol and the media in all its’ forms. To move into your strength to be able to take life as it comes requires things like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, breath work, running without an ipod or MTV, and learning to separate from the mind, to control the fearful thoughts.

If you are already engages in any of the above pursuits to strengthen the nervous system then increase your practice. Otherwise see what you are drawn to and start now. It will make such a difference to how you approach life on a daily basis.