Break Down


The very lovely Jezebel was tired and needed a break last night.
We were returning from Nimes when she just needed to stop; no power, no drive, just flat and tired. We pulled over and sat for a moment, thinking how to proceed. We were stopped in a very industrial area filled with car dealers and swimming pool retailers, right outside a Citroen dealer.

Jezebel is our beloved Landrover. She had a service before we left, but this was more serious. I rang the insurance and was very sweet and smiley. We sat in the car and waited with lots of ice cream. One hour later, no news. I rang the insurance again and they said “one hour, within one hour”. My sister had furnished me with running magazines and all the kids had their itouch and ipod equipment so peace reigned.

Finally, two hours in, a pick up car thing arrived……. From the Citroen garage outside of which we were sat.
A tall, damp, (still stormy here), skinny, redhead young man unravelled himself from the very high drivers side and proceeded to examine the car. He was highly dismissive of my French which I found very cheeky in one so young. I was even less impressed when the car had to be pushed backwards into the Citroen garage.
At this point it started pouring with rain.

Finally, and with great triumph, the long ginger man pulled out a piece of Jezebel with a huge smile. He asked me start the car. (I like him now), and the car started! Smiles all around. Kids jumping and clapping.

The tall carrot started talking to Baptiste so I thought I would be ecological and turn off the car. I did, pulled out the keys, and the engine kept going. I was standing outside with the keys in my hand and Jezebel was still humming away. She now has to be stalled to stop.

It was a great and positive adventure. We all behaved as adults, even the adults, and went on to eat fabulous pizza.