Brave and fearless


And the things people say. I can be so swayed by a moments’ thoughtless comment. I guess we all can. Sitting at a course yesterday on Retail Success, which was fabulous, so many things were said, 99% with huge amounts of thought behind them, but a few were thoughtless comments, not all by me. There are others who let thoughts emerge into reality with no guard at the gate. I am working hard on slipping far down the list of those who do not think before they open their mouth, but I am still pretty high up at the moment.

Digressing madly, as usual, I have decided another change. As I have slipped on the No News thing, and read The Week tonight, (It was divine. They always have the best property which I endlessly drool over, ) I have decided it is time for, after a throw away comment yesterday, me to stop swearing. Arghh!! I swear SO much at the moment it is shocking and apparently not good for my image. My husband calls me Swami every time I swear which makes me laugh, but does not stop me. It is when I realise that my children are worse than me that I can see and hear it is time for a modicum of self-control.

I wondered if I needed to punish myself each time I swore. A fine? Another sacrifice?

I decided that it would not be the answer. So I am doing this punishment-free. I am not sure that is an added incentive, and I will have to check with my therapist just how much I swore this morning, but otherwise there have been no expletives colouring my day today.

I think I need to start a reward scheme for all of us. What could it be? A swear-free day could result in…. suggestions please. Cappuccinos? No. Chocolate? Absolutely not. Raw carrot? How dry. Hmmm.