Bored of fear


I make no more apologies for my lack of weblog.
I feel like all I do at the moment is say sorry and it is ever so dull as I am not actually making so many mistakes and life is huge.

So huge, in fact, that most of it cannot be committed to weblog.
What can go up is the continuing search for an understanding of the fear we are all being constantly crowned by.

I had a lovely friend to dinner last night and we had a long conversation about power and fear. I still do not get how the influence from “Those in Power” is strong enough to dictate articles in papers, the thoughts of journalists, the thoughts of all of us, but apparently that is the basis of it all. Some SuperPower directing all of us, and apparently it is not God.

I do not like living in the middle of Religious War. Call it what it is, and if it is not that aspect that colours my day it is the terror struck by the images and text about our imminent doom.

I read the Gaurdian yesterday and watched my reaction to page after page of hideous images, doom, gloom, appalling violence and terror. Each article struck another chill of fear inside me. It was really interesting to watch me, not attach to the news, but see how I was feeling about it. And all of that is so addictive. I know lots of people who watch the News before going to bed. How do you sleep after that? And why does one need to? How do I unplug myself from this mindless and endless fear?

I know, stop reading the papers. Yes. It is a way, but all of all that we do is coloured by this fear that is growing and expanding all the time. I can stop reading the Guardian or the Week, but then sit with friends and the discussion turns to some aspect of the nails of fear that drive us all. Drive through London and the delightful Evening Standard Version of Life as we know it screams disaster, death, destruction on a daily basis and for three days on a Friday.

So, on a more positive note………