Out of kilter


My life is a little chaotic at the moment. It may have seemed crazy anyway, although not to me, but at the moment it has lost all balance.

In going to and returning from New York I have missed 4 days sleep. It has not been much fun. I managed to maintain a semblance of order for a few days, getting up at 4am and writing, opening mail and so on, but now I have collapsed like a blancmange and slept for nine hours last night, waking up as if being dug out of a live burial ceremony. So deeply asleep that I actually had a cold show from which I emerged smiling and victorious.

I am off to another day at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Victoria. It is the biggest show we have done and really interesting. If I ever felt that I was esoteric I can now see that I have not even scratched the surface.

Delightfully, we one the prize for the most striking stand last night. I have no idea who voted, but it was a nice reward for all the hard work that goes into doing these show.

It has been a really busy week. On Wednesday Snatam kaur came and sang at home. That was really a Divine gift. Her voice is as clear as glass and she is a delight. Tiny and graceful. There was quite a crowd. At first, all stiff and uncomfortable, but after the chanting everyone was a great friend. Dinner was delicious and the lovely Gilly had been a glorious help in getting so much of it to happen.

We are getting into the final moments of preparation for the Yoga festival now and then there is peace. For a while. I was quoted to from the bible whilst in New York.
A friend telling me about Jesus and his temptation in the desert.. “And after that tithe end the Devil went away for a while.” Very ominous and a bit how I feel with all the work. I think I will have a break, but I will not…….