The Serpent wakes up


Things are starting to change.

All the thoughts over the years that it would be AIDS, SARS or Global Terrorism that would make a change in thinking and consciousness have proved to be groundless.

It seems that the sleeping serpent is stirring and it is food that will finally create a new awareness.

I have always been fascinated by how the production of food affects us. Take Salmonella, Mad Cow disease, Foot and Mouth. Sometimes it really can seem like Mother Nature is biting back. Now there is a big change coming.

Grain prices have doubled, milk, and rice have soared. All the staple foods have suddenly leapt in price. It takes half of the world’s grain production to produce the meat that is eaten and a quarter of what is left is now going to make Bio Fuels! Shocking statistics that will now start to bite into our daily reality. Suddenly the bun on the Big Mac is more expensive than the dead beast inside it.

Time for change.