Beginners Kundalini Classes in Chelsea 2018


Chelsea – Monday’s for six weeks starting 8th January 2018 7.45 until 8.45pm

This Kundalini Yoga Beginner’s Courses is the perfect choice to get you comfortable with a very transformative form of Yoga.

Kundalini yoga is said to be the mother of all yogas. The Kundalini is a curl of energy held in the base of the spine that we work with, raising consciousness and strengthening the physical body so that it can hold its exquisite self as it opens. It is a dynamic form of yoga, meaning that there is quite often movement in the postures, with a very pointed focus on balancing hormone flow, strengthening the nervous system and accessing a state of altered consciousness.

In these classes Carolyn will use posture and breathing exercises. You will be introduced to Kundalini Yoga mantras and experience different types of meditations to specifically work on releasing stress.

This course at Triyoga in Camden will give you the confidence to attend scheduled Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops and you will have the opportunity to speak to Carolyn about starting your own daily practice. No previous experience is required. This will be a safe space for you to learn and enjoy.

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Carolyn has a range of 8 highly acclaimed yoga DVDs all available on Amazon and runs two international yoga Teacher Training programmes: The Addictive Personality™and The Mother’s Journey. Carolyn took on 1,000 days of Kundalini practice and has first-hand experience of all that it does. Immersed in the practice, Carolyn had embryonic life-changing plans and a desire to lessen her life-long anxiety. By the third month, changes were taking place in her sense of self, and her plans had come to fruition. The experience is on-going and there is not a day where she avoids the practice!