Awful Weather


Returning from England, it appears that I have dragged the clouds there in the tailwind of my plane and we are now all shady.

It eases the pressure of how to spend the days as there is less reason to get organised and head to the beach but it also means that the day rather yawns in front of us and the options are rather limited as to what else to do.

Last night we went up into the attics and looked at all the Victorian clothes in the huge armoires. Such amazing shapes, colours, stitching and boning. It was very inspiring. I am working on what I will be making for the clothes next summer. My mind turns constantly on the colours, the fabrics, the possibilities, the options. I look at everything that anyone is wearing and either dismiss it out of hand or move it into a great stack of possibilities that are banking up on the sides of my mind.

I do not want to have to start on the next collection until I have an idea of how this one is going to do, and it has not yet arrived. Deeply challenging stuff.

And my mind is back in london. I know it is. New staff needed, all chamge in the shop display, new collection, website changes. There is a thread of me that has stayed there.