Oh joy


Oh, Joy. Such fun. Just perfect. (Are you being ironic? Mummy?)
The Au Pair has decided that she does not want to do any more housework AT ALL, and only wants to look after the children.

This is all my fault. I sweetly asked how we could improve things for her. She never gets up before 11, keeps her phone turned off for when we need her, goes out to eat when we are not there…. The litany of complaints is long, but an au pair is an au pair. Rare, these days.

I am at a loss as to what to do. I want to sack her, but Easter Holidays start now, 4 hours ago, and help is vital. I shall open my heart to the Universe and see what it gets filled with.

Oh, someone has just asked to be the new au pair. Fabulous. They will not know if they can actually do it for a week, live with someone and are committed to their rent until September, but apart from that, all is good. We shall see. The question is; can I hold out until then?

From tomorrow I am at the Vitality Show. Huge, great big Mammoth of a show at Olympia. Setting up today was quite wild. It is just huge. All the stands are huge, the space is huge, and most of the stands, which are the size of houses, only sell one thing, blazoned in huge letters and pile to the ceiling. One type of product, endlessly huge. My little stand is over in the yoga corner that has been flung as far into a corner as the designers can possible make it without being obvious. All day today it was a car park, but I imagine that during the night, little fairies in velvet coats will come and make it into a part of the huge hall. We shall see……….