As we wade through the joys of electioneering


Such fun, the boys and their competitions.

I am finding rather challenging at times to tell which party paid for the poster! But hey, this is how it is done here and what a glorious waste of money it all looks to be.

Politics are ever the tricky topic and I am happy to steer sideways from here into stress levels, and management of the aforesaid using several tried and tested methods.

It is a testing time, It is hard to see the future as rosy and despite all the bank’s bonuses I think there are many who still think there is another dip to come. The uncertainly can raise stress levels and after so long, who needs more?

So, my tips and tricks here may well help you to move forward with a smile.

If you understand what happens when you feel fearful or stressed it makes it easier to understand how to deal with the feelings and restore balance and a sense of humour.

When you get agitated, stressed, fearful or the sensation that it is all too much and there is too little time it is usually caused by the kidneys shooting out a hormone called cortisol in response to a strand of thinking that may have caused you to feel a little fear. Many of us shoot huge amounts of cortisol very quickly and sadly the easiest way to tell is if you have, or you easily gain weight around your waist…

Cortisol is a hormone that produces the feeling of stress in the body. It also generates the notion that you want to eat because somewhere inside you know, subconsciously, that the eating can bring on an endorphin rush. Endorphins are our pleasure hormones and they eat the cortisol which can last for up to three days in the body. It is easy to see how one can spiral round and round and end up overweight and chasing your tail.

There are various things that will produce endorphins. It is a long list, but the top favourites are:
Any exercise which raises your heart beat, so swimming, running, briskly walking, sit ups, etc
Dancing to a great piece of music
20 press ups
Lying on a bed of nails. This one I cannot recommend more highly. I do it every night, reading in bed. Currently I am stressed so I lie in bed reading Georgette Heyer novels and sleep beautifully after.

The trick is to produce endorphins to eat the cortisol and lower the stress levels this way. The gain is huge in as much as most of what you can do is good for you, self esteem goes up and you have the sense that you are in control of your emotions. The art is in the remembrance, that is the tricky part.

I also have a list of 25 ways to master depression which I am happy to email should this be part of your current experience. It is scarily common right now.