Are there really quick fixes?


Are there really quick fixes?

The speed of change right now is awe-inspiring. One minute we are up, the Bang! All gone, we are down again.
We is the Royal We, pf course my personal reality is mercurial in the extreme and I am fine with that on a good day, but our collective reality seems to be totally controlled by the behaviour of Bankers and Politicians. I am not convinced that it should be so.

I know that my self esteem is directly linked to my finances and that is a personal failing that I am trying to address as it clearly is leading to less than amusing consequences on a daily basis, but that we should all be suffering this way seem needless and unkind.

We are suddenly on the up because ever so quickly the Banks were nationalised and now we are down because trading in Asia was not all it should have been last night. I do not like my reality being quite so fickle. Louise Hay wrote that the moment of Power is Now. Any decision that one makes to change can be implemented Right Now. In an ideal world this is possible and one could then go on to say that the world of banking and politics must be ideal because they are making ever such snappy choices. But on a personal level change can take time. Our minds want us to stay in suffering and fear because it then has control. All efforts to change, set personal boundaries or make changes for good are always times where we are sorely tested by our will. Think about deciding to diet, or give something up… it is always challenging and we are endlessly tested in our resolve. But change is important and all that is happening now is not over. There is further to go.

Step carefully. Breathe deeply and think about how to adjust to the new world order. We are now being asked to really be ourselves; To shine as individuals without all the trappings of excess building up our radiance.

We are living in interesting times.